Perhaps the country’s best known fashion enthusiast

Luxury fashion draws serious collectors Twice a year, in January and July, fashion aficionados gather in Paris to watch as the latest couture collections are unveiled. Most attendees are looking for cues to coming trends, styles and colours. Others are there to shop Buying couture doesn’t come cheap, as each custom gown may require hundredsContinue reading “Perhaps the country’s best known fashion enthusiast”

Even now, despite the progress made by trailblazing

Last year’s Madden Club Championship drew an average of about 7,800 viewers with a total watch time of more than 178,000 hours across social media. Last year’s League of Legends World Championship, a top tier esports event, drew an average of more than 46 million viewers and a total of 6.2 billion hours watched, accordingContinue reading “Even now, despite the progress made by trailblazing”

Even in this era of enlightenment about the dangers ‘The rivers are never the same’ Illegal gold mining accounts for only a small fraction of deforestation in the Amazon far less than agricultural practices but its effect is more insidious. Mercury is an essential tool in the process, used to collect and purify gold traces found in the soil. Its toxicity seeps intoContinue reading “Even in this era of enlightenment about the dangers”

But if you can’t help yourself

cheap jerseys This is going to sound incredibly political and I’m not trying to make it that way. But deciding whether Rush Limbaugh should own an NFL team is a lot like answering the question of pro choice or pro life.There are two fundamental differences for most people when it comes to pro choice. IContinue reading “But if you can’t help yourself”

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